S2S - Kittens 2Abandoned Kittens are given a Second Chance

It was a chilly morning when a quartet of newborn kittens were found in a box outside a dumpster. Charly, Oliver, Annabell and Ella were just hours old, their umbilical cords still attached, and without food or warmth, their little lives would have ended far too soon.

The foursome was brought to AHS. Soon, they found them selves in the loving home of one of our compassionate foster heroes. Our dedicated foster hero bottle fed and nurtured them through the first eight weeks of their lives. After two months of compassion and care from their foster family, they were ready for adoption and found new homes!

Each year during kitten season, hundreds of tiny felines enter our doors. Now, thanks to our new 24-hour bottle baby program, our Kitten Nursery ICU and our amazing team of foster heroes, we’re able to save the lives of more kittens than ever before.

This summer, we’re on a mission to make happy “after” stories for thousands of “before” pets just like Charly, Oliver, Annabell and Ella.

So, what’s the story between “before” and “after”? Harrowing rescue, cruelty investigation, advanced medical treatment, tender care, lots of love…and YOU. Your donations make happy endings come true. You put tails back where they belong and bring pets back from death’s door.

Help us save the lives of pets this summer.

Give second chances to animals with nowhere else to turn.

Help Save Lives


August 18, 2016