Rescue Partners Program

a young girl holds a small dog

Partnering to Save Lives

We can save more lives when we work together. We partner with other animal rescue organizations in Arizona and across the country to support one another, share knowledge and find more homes for pets in need.

We offer great benefits to our Rescue Partners including, but not limited to:

  • Free spay/neuter surgery for a rescued pet
  • Free vaccinations and flea/tick treatment prior to a pet being transferred to a partner
  • Free medication sent home with a pet under treatment, whenever possible
  • Free implanted microchip for any pet transferred to a partner, if requested
  • Free behavior consultation with a member of our behavior team
  • Free listing of our partner organizations on the Arizona Humane Society website
  • Free partner spotlights in our marketing and communication assets when possible
  • Free sharing of in-kind donations of pet supplies and food, if requested and when available

Join Us in Lifesaving Collaboration!

  • The Rescue Process
    • Once a rescue organization has applied and been accepted to be a Rescue Partner of AHS, they are eligible to take in any of our pets who are looking for rescue placement
    • We will seek rescue placement from our partners when a pet has a medical or behavioral condition we are unable to treat or all other resources have been exhausted (Note: We operate on a first-come, first-served basis and will release pets to rescues by order of written or verbal commitment)
    • Once a Rescue Partner has committed to taking in a pet, we ask that they pick the pet up within 48 hours of committing to that pet, unless we require additional time to ready the pet (e.g. spay/neuter surgery, completion of medical treatment, etc.)
    • We will provide the Rescue Partner with specific information on the pet they are interested in, including behavior, medical, and any known history

    If you are a Rescue Partner and interested in taking in a pet, please contact us.

  • What Happens After a Partner Commits to a Pet?
  • In order to deliver an excellent experience for our partners, and to make sure we are able to provide one-on-one attention when releasing a pet, we ask that our partners schedule an appointment with our Rescue Partnership Coordinator to take in pets from AHS.

    • If needed, the pet will be scheduled for spay/neuter, at no cost to the Rescue Partner
    • We will provide short-term, non-compounded medications if the pet is under treatment for an illness at no cost to our Rescue Partner
    • We ask that all Rescue Partner representatives come prepared with adequate transport supplies, including a slip lead, an appropriately sized collar and leash, or a size appropriate carrier
    • We will provide all medical, behavioral and microchip information, if available, to the Rescue Partner upon release of a pet

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

    Thank you for partnering with us to save lives!

  • Partner Promises
  • This is the code of conduct we follow, and we expect the same of our partners:

    • We will be open, courteous and flexible when discussing a pet.
    • We promise to address any questions or concerns. We request that all concerns are directed to our contact form, and a member of our team will get back to you in a timely manner.
    • We promise to communicate with partners’ staff and volunteers openly, honestly, and respectfully privately and publicly. We promise not to publish antagonistic, inaccurate, and/or malicious information on social media, to the public, the media, or email, slandering or defaming the Arizona Humane Society.
    • We promise to never ask for an adoption or transfer fee from our partners, and we are unable to provide monetary compensation for pets transferred from AHS.
    • We promise to use humane, positive-reinforcement training methods with our pets.
    • We promise to provide prompt, attentive medical care to our pets by a licensed veterinary team, and clean and safe facilities.
    • We promise to communicate to our partners regarding any pets that may come in with a microchip linked to that partner. Release of pets to a rescue is subject to AHS stray-hold policy.
    • We will operate on a “first come, first served” basis, and will release pets to rescue by order of written or verbal commitment to pull.

Our Rescue Partners

We value our Rescue Partners and are committed to our shared goal of saving more lives. These are the current partners who we collaborate with to save pets throughout our community.

A Passion for Paws
Advocate for PAWsibilities
Aimee’s Farm Animal Sanctuary
All About Animals
Almost There: A Mom + Pups Rescue
Americas Freedom Paws

Animal Rescue Kinship (A.R.K.)

Any Rat Rescue
Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL)
Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue (AZBTR)
Arizona Chihuahua Rescue
Arizona Heartfelt Hounds
Arizona Pug Adoption and Rescue Network (APARN)
Arizona Weimaraner Rescue
Aussie and Friends Rescue
AZ Basset Hound Rescue
AZ Beagle Rescue
AZ Border Collie Rescue
AZ Cactus Corgi
AZ Cocker Rescue
AZ Fox Terrier Rescue
AZ Golden Rescue
AZ Husky Rescue
AZ Poodle Rescue
AZ Pug Life
AZ Small Dog
AZ Sugar Glider Rescue
AZK9 Rescue
Bengal Rescue
Better Days Rescue
Better Piggies Rescue
Bradshaw Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary
Big Bully Rescue
Boxer Luv
Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue
Breeder Release Adoption Service
Bridging Forever Families Animal Rescue
Cane Corso Rescue, Inc.
Canine Rescue Coalition d.b.a AZ Mastiff Rescue
Casa de Love Animal Rescue

Cats World Rescue Inc.

Cavalier Rescue Foundation (AZ Cavalier Rescue)
Cavalier Rescue USA
Cavy Love
Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary
Cochise Canine Rescue
Companion Animal Rehabilitation Emergency Medical Fund Inc
Cool Cats Rescue
Cooper’s Chance Animal Rescue
Dane Haven Inc Great Dane Rescue
Desert Cat Rescue & Sanctuary of Arizona
Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue
Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue
Desert Paws Dog Rescue

Echo Canyon Equine Foundation

Fearless Kitty
Fiona’s Family Rescue
Follow Your Heart Foundation
Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary
Forever Loving Hearts Rescue
Four Peaks Animal Rescue
Friends for Life
Greenhill Humane Society
HALO Rescue
Hard Luck Hounds AZ
Havanese Rescue Inc
Heart2Heart Animal Rescue
Heidi’s Village
Help a Dog Smile
Hen and Rooster Farm & Sanctuary
Home ‘Fur’ Good Animal Rescue and Placement
HOPE Animal Shelter
Humane Animal Rescue and Trapping Team (HARTT)
Humane Society of Sedona
Humane Society of Southern Arizona

Ironwood Pig Sanctuary

Jin’s Bottle Babies
Kneading Kitty’s Rescue
La Gatarra Inc.
Lost Our Home
Love Connection Dog Rescue
Love For Dogs
Love Them All
Love Your Feral Felines
LovePup Foundation
Mayday Pitbull Terrier Rescue
Medical Animals in Need
Mesa Community College Veterinary Technology Program
Naked K9 and Small Dog Rescue
Newborn Kittens Rescue

NURD Rescue

OPCA Shelter Network Alliance, Inc.

Paws of Perseverance

Peaceful Paws Rescue, LLC
Pei People Sharpei Rescue
Pibbles and Fam Bam Rescue
Puppy Luv Animal Rescue
Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue
Regal Dane Rescue
Rio Salado Vizsla Rescue
Rockstar Rescue
Rusty’s Angel’s Sanctuary
S.A.F.E. Animal Rescue
Safe Haven Animal Rescue
Saving One Life
Saving Orphan Souls
Saving Paws Rescue AZ
Second Chances Animals Sanctuary Rescue
Sky Sanctuary Rescue
Small Paws Rescue, Inc.
Soul – Shelter for Outcasts, Unusuals, and the Lost
Southwest Collie and Sheltie Rescue, Inc
Standard Schnauzer Club of America
Sun Cities 2 Paws Rescue Inc
Suncatcher Sanctuary
Sunshine Dog Rescue
The Pet Knot

Tickled Pink Weimeraner Rescue

Tootsie’s Vision
Tundra Shepherd Rescue
Underdog Rescue of AZ
Valley Dogs Rescue
Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue
West-MEC Veterinary Assisting
White German Shepherd Rescue
Yorkie Luv Rescue