Virtual Pet Training Lessons

While our in-person dog training classes are currently suspended due to COVID-19, we know the pets in your life may still need the extra help right about now. We are offering a virtual solution – video consultations via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, so your furry friend doesn’t have to skip a beat in their training. These video lessons are 30-minutes long and only $20, and are perfect for getting those much-needed questions answered by our highly trained staff. Please fill out our form to get started!

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Train Your Dog to Be a Superstar

Dealing with pet behavior issues or just want to teach your pup the basics? The Arizona Humane Society is excited to offer dog training courses and private training lessons at both our Nina Mason Pulliam Campus for Compassion and Sunnyslope Campus for dogs and puppies. Our classes are taught by certified trainers and are limited in size to give you and your pet the attention you need to succeed. Call 602.997.7585 Ext. 2043 or email us at with questions.

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Dog Training Courses

Pet parents enrolled in AHS’ dog training courses will receive discounted private lessons as well as additional, free “after school” one-on-one time with our trainers to perfect harder to learn skills.

Basics – Four Week Class - $85

Is your dog ready to learn basic manners?

Start your pet off on the right paw with a basic training class that encourages and reinforces the right behavior. We will learn sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and getting focus as well as not jumping on people.

This class is for dogs of all ages.

If your dog reacts to others dogs, Reactive Rover Foundations should be taken before Basics or contact us for a class recommendation.

Intermediate – Four Week Class - $85

Does your dog already have the basic obedience commands down?

This class covers: go to your bed, out of sight stays, loose leash walking with distractions, come when called with distractions and works to gain reliability in the real world.

Prerequisites: Basics or similar training program or trainer approval.


Advanced – Four Week Class - $85

Ready to take your dog’s training to the next level?

Our Advanced dog training course will prepare your dog for Canine Good Citizenship Certification by mastering: sit & down on cue, stay with distance, come when called, walk loosely on a leash (without the use of anti-pull equipment), and stay by handler as people or other dogs approach.

Prerequisites: Intermediate or similar training program.

First week of class will be held at our Sunnyslope Campus, some weeks of class will be at off-site locations.

Specialty Training Classes

Puppy Basics – Two-Week Class - $55

Give your puppy a head start in obedience, socialization, and fear free veterinary visits.

This two-week class is designed for puppies under 16 weeks of age, and will give you and your puppy a head start in basic obedience training, as well as socialization with some puppy play time. In addition, these classes will be held in our Veterinary Clinic, where our trainer will use the popular Fear Free training method to help puppies get used to being handled by a veterinarian at a young age to reduce fear of vet visits down the road.

Please bring proof of your dog’s current vaccinations to the first class. All dogs must have at least one Da2PP and one Bordetella. See here for more information from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior on socialization and vaccines.

Tricks – Four-Week Class - $85

Is your dog ready to learn some impressive new tricks?

Dog tricks are not only fun games with your pup, but also help improve our communication and bond with our dogs! We will learn over 10 tricks throughout the course and work towards a Novice Trick Dog title.

No prerequisites for this course, however sit and down are helpful.

Reactive Rover Foundation – Five-Week Class - $175

Does your dog bark or jump at other dogs while on walks?

This 5-week-class is designed to give you tools and techniques to get your dog focused on you rather than barking, pulling or lunging at other dogs. We will be working in a distraction-free environment to focus on getting the behaviors we want in our dogs. Dogs and handlers will learn loose leash walking, focus and attention techniques, tricks, settle techniques, and more. This is a prerequisite class to Reactive Rover Advanced.

Please note that the first class session is for humans only. This class is not appropriate for dogs who only exhibit aggression toward other dogs only while off-leash. All family members are encouraged to attend.

Reactive Rover Advanced – Four-Week Class - $125

Is your reactive dog ready for the next level of training?

Build upon the skills you learned in the Reactive Rover Foundation class and begin working with your dog in more distracting environments with other dogs present.

Reactive Rover Advanced is a 4-week class that continues creating relaxed, focused dogs in the face of their triggers. Skills will be reinforced through challenging, fun exercises while working in a highly distracting environment.

Prerequisites: Reactive Rover Foundation

Reactive Rover Walk - $20

Calling all AHS Reactive Rovers!

Join us to practice your Reactive Rover skills alongside your trainer and get some fun exercise with your pup. The Reactive Rover Walk will consist of a group of dogs that have taken the AHS Reactive Rover class while the trainer and assistants provide support during your walk. Trainers will be leading the walk and monitoring the dogs while you practice your skills that you have learned in class. The walk will last approximately one hour round trip.

Prerequisites: Reactive Rover Foundation or trainer approval.
Location: Offsite Location – click register link for details

Scent Games and Activities Four-Week Class - $85

Interested in nose work?

Marvel in and learn to work with the extraordinary power of the canine nose! This class provides an opportunity and outlet for the natural hunting and scenting abilities of all dogs of all ages. It will help build your dog’s confidence and burn tons of mental and physical energy.

Prerequisites: Handlers can bring their own crates or use our visual barrier pods to stay in with their dog. No obedience necessary.

Agility for Fun Four-Week Class - $125

Want to learn agility for fun?

Agility for Fun is perfect for those looking to have some fun and exercise with their dog without competing.  In this 4 week class we will introduce and run courses with a variety of equipment such as jumps, weave poles, A-frame, pause table, dog walk, small teeter equipment and tunnels.

This class is not appropriate for dogs reactive or aggressive towards people or other dogs.

Prerequisites:  Dogs should have basic knowledge of sit, down and stay.

Puppy Parties - $5

Ready to Socialize Your Pup?

Socializing your puppy is one of the most important steps in raising a happy, well-behaved dog. AHS’ Puppy Parties and provide a safe, secure and clean environment for your puppy to practice important social skills with other puppies and people. Puppy Parties are held every weekend for puppies 8 weeks old to 5 months old. All dogs must have at least one Da2PP and one Bordetella and bring proof of current vaccines.

In Facility Private Lessons

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In Home Private Lessons

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Dog Training FAQs

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