Constant Companions

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Become a Constant Companion

Help save the life of a pet in need every month

Our Constant Companions are a dedicated group of animal lovers and advocates of the Arizona Humane Society who support us and help save the lives of pets in our community through monthly donations.

Monthly giving is an incredibly efficient way to help sustain the Arizona Humane Society and provide us with a consistent and reliable income stream. As a Constant Companion, you will receive exclusive news about AHS and your gift in action.

Your Donations in Action

  • $10/month

    Helps provide food to our shelter animals

  • $25/month

    Can help with gas costs for our EAMT™ rescue vehicles

  • $50/month

    Helps underwrite a spay or neuter surgery of a pet before he or she is ready for adoption

  • $100/month

    Will save the life of a severely injured animal

  • $250/month

    Buys medication for animals in our trauma hospital

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Already a Constant Companion?

Thank you for your commitment to saving lives! To make changes to your gift amount, date or payment information, please visit our Guest Service Center.

Your username is likely your email. You can retrieve your username and/or password by clicking on “Forgot Password?” or “Forgot Username?” on the right.

If you have any questions or problems contact Monica Moreno at 602.761.5514 or email at

Fundraising In Your Neighborhood

The Arizona Humane Society’s Fundraising Ambassadors are professionals who talk with thousands of people a year about the benefits of monthly giving and the difference we can make in the lives of homeless pets in our community. Our Ambassadors give us a personal way to broaden the reach of our animal lover community. Arizona Humane Society representatives wear a nametag and are dressed in grey polos with our logo. They use an iPad to gather donations and will not accept cash donations. Your information is safe with our Fundraising Ambassadors and will not be sold or exchanged. If you have any questions about AHS’ monthly giving program, Constant Companions, or the legitimacy of an AHS Fundraising Ambassador, please contact Monica Moreno at 602.761.5514 or email at