Have you considered leaving a gift to the Arizona Humane Society in your final plans? Well, if we’re being honest, have you thought about your final giving plans at all? What about setting up the rest of your estate plan?

If you answered no to any of the above, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re here to help. By planning for your future today, you can build a legacy in the name of animal welfare that lasts while giving back to your community. Here are our top reasons you should consider the Arizona Humane Society’s Legacy Circle when preparing for your future.

For many professionals, putting together a formal estate plan is a fixture on the to-do list. It rarely gets attention (except as added stress), and you know it should get done at some point. But what many people, especially younger professionals, do not realize is that there are many simple ways to build your legacy and leave a gift of significance to non-profits like AHS.

It Makes a Statement and Shows Compassion
Remember the first days of a new job when you filled out your W4 and clicked through a bunch of forms about benefits? Employer-provided life insurance plans and retirement accounts are a fantastic way to leave a legacy to support animal welfare after you’re gone. Plus, by designating AHS as a beneficiary to a policy like this, you make a powerful statement about your love of animals and can make a gift that is many times the size of the donations that currently fit in your budget.

It’s a Financial Win-Win
You can designate a portion or all of the funds available after your death, so you don’t have to choose between investing in a cause that is deeply meaningful to you and supporting your loved ones. Gifts via beneficiary designations have another great advantage: they operate outside of probate. You don’t have to update your will or trust if you have one in place.

Below is the information most plans require to establish a charitable beneficiary:

  • Legal name of our organization: Arizona Humane Society
  • Federal tax ID number: 86-0135567
  • Legal address:1521 West Dobbins Road, Phoenix, AZ 85041

You Become a Member of Our Pack
In addition to providing for future animals in need, naming AHS as a designated beneficiary allows you to enroll in AHS’ Legacy Circle. The Legacy Circle is AHS’ special way to thank our incredible donors while they are living. It allows us to recognize those whose planned gifts ensure a healthy financial future for AHS and the homeless pets in our care.

Benefits of membership include name recognition on the AHS Legacy Circle wall located at our Nina Mason Pulliam South Mountain Campus, and invitations to Legacy Circle member appreciation events where you learn more about the programs that you’ve supported in such an important way.

Your Pets Benefit with Continuing Care
The Arizona Humane Society’s Continuing Care Program, an exclusive benefit of Legacy Circle membership, ensures a safe, bright future for pets whose caretakers precede them in death. Pets enrolled in the program are placed with new families that are carefully selected by our staff using information about your pet that only you can provide.

What’s Next?
Once you complete your final giving plans, let us know and we will provide you with a Statement of Testamentary Provision to complete. If you’ve already included AHS in your final giving plans, please let us know so we may thank and recognize you as a Legacy Circle member.

Including the Arizona Humane Society in your final giving plans allows you to enjoy the benefits of a gift to charity while making a powerful statement about your love of animals. Remembering AHS with a gift via a beneficiary designation ensures that thousands of animals will continue to receive care annually through our low-cost, high-quality programs, rescues, and clinics. These thoughtful gifts influence others to remember AHS as well.

February 27, 2023