Animal Ed-Ventures At Home Kit Group Packages

Our “Animal Ed-Ventures At Home Kits” are creative, fun boxes that will entertain young animal lovers at home during the pandemic. These kits are creative boxes filled with everything a child needs to explore the world of animals through hands-on crafts and activities, with the virtual components of step-by-step online videos, a live virtual classroom and animal meet-and-greets. AHS is now offering youth groups (community centers, homeschool pods, etc.) the unique opportunity to engage children in our one-of-a-kind content for a discounted rate!

What’s included?
Each kit consists of engaging activities developed by AHS’ professional educators. Youth groups should have access to the common craft or household items needed for the kits (such as glue, string, markers, scissors, etc.) and AHS will provide the virtual content and lesson plans to accompany the activities for a one-time fee. For each kit purchased, AHS will provide:

  • A detailed lesson plan
  • Supply kit filled with all specialty items required to complete each activity delivered to your location. Phoenix area deliveries only. Out-of-range shipping available for an additional fee
  • An interactive step-by-step video that can lead children through the activities at their own pace
  • An assigned AHS educator who will virtually assist you with any needs you have

Ages: Ideal for ages 8-12 (each program contains suggested age modifiers for younger and older students)
Cost: $175 per 10 kits and $15 for each additional kit
Order: Please email Shelby at


Regal Mutts

We’ll dig deep into the world of shelter pets, with a focus on all of the different kinds of pups we help each day at AHS. Participants will discover how scientists are able to use DNA to find out what different traits might come together to make one paw-some dog. We’ll also explore what makes a dog a “pit bull,” and why our bully buddies often get a bad rap. Kiddos will be provided with all the materials they need to make their own “regal mutt”- a unique pup straight from their imagination! Lastly, we know that the children who typically attend our programs are incredibly innovative and always looking for ways to help animals in their community. We’ll introduce them to a great way to help the regal mutts in our shelter right from their own homes!

Get ready to slither, slink, and scurry into this rockin’ reptile lesson! We’ll cover what distinct traits make a reptile, how they move, and where some of our favorite reptile can be found. Participants will craft their own reptiles out of clay as they work to make fun items like badges and pots that they can take pride in. We’ll also explore the culture and amazing artwork of the people who live in the same places as one of our reptiles, like Berry, the blue tongued skink from Australia.
Jr. Vet

We’ll examine x-rays and explore the science of veterinary medicine! This four-activity module will introduce your participants to the ins-and-outs of what it takes to be a vet. We’ll repair a mock broken bone, discover how cats can see so well in the dark, practice our suturing technique, and even use the bright dessert sun to help us develop our own pet x-ray!

Let’s hop on over and learn all about this incredible group of indicator species! Not only will we practice our field skills by identifying different amphibians by their distinctive calls, but we’ll also preform experiments to examine their permeable skin to better understand how they live and how we impact their world. We’ll finish up with an amazing stained glass activity focused on amphibian camouflage and brighter warning colors.

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