Transforming Animal Welfare Dog and Cat

What began as a mission to save more pets ended up transforming an entire community.

For nearly 60 years, the Arizona Humane Society has been committed to serving both the pets and people of our community. In our mission to rescue, heal, adopt and advocate for sick, injured and abused animals, AHS has never been content to be just another animal welfare organization.

Transforming Animal Welfare - Boxer with Cast

Four years ago, we embarked on the most comprehensive reassessment of every program and procedure with the ultimate goal of making Maricopa County one of the best places to be a pet — not one of the worst. We invented a new playbook for animal welfare, which served as the catalyst for the most rapid change AHS has ever experienced. Through leadership and collaboration, we introduced new intake and adoption processes, implemented several new, innovative life-saving programs and focused on providing resources to help keep pets in homes. As we continue to provide the best solution for pets and people, we know that now, more than ever before, we are truly making our community a better place for animals.



AHS serves a unique role, providing leading-edge medical and behavioral care and innovative solutions that are helping us save more lives than ever, even animals who are considered “untreatable” by other shelters.

Emergency Animal Medical Technicians

Whether it’s a cat who has been hit by a car or a dog who has been abused and neglected, our pet paramedics and cruelty investigators rush to the aid of sick, injured and abused animals and save the lives of thousands of pets every year.

Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital

Led by a highly-skilled medical team who can treat the most severe medical conditions, our trauma hospital treats the vast majority of the Valley’s injured and abused homeless animals.

Parvo Puppy ICU

Our Parvo Puppy ICU specializes in the treatment of puppies and dogs with the deadly parvo virus.

Kitten Nursery and Bottle Baby Kitten ICU

We care for high-risk kittens, ensuring they receive a healthy start to grow into happy and loving family members.

Behavior Programs

We work one-on-one to help rehabilitate dogs to overcome behavior challenges that make finding a loving home difficult.

Pet Resource Center

A call center featuring trained, compassionate specialists who provide struggling pet owners with resources and alternatives to help keep their loving, furry family members in their homes.

Admissions by Appointment

A groundbreaking, transparent intake process that ensures every pet is given his or her best chance for success, while allowing us to fast-track sick and injured animals.

Feline Programs

The addition of feline specialists and new programs, such as Working Cats and expanded Trap-Neuter-Return, provide improved welfare and additional placement outlets for more cats.


Behold the transformative power of innovation, compassion and excellence.

As the leading champion for animals and their well-being, AHS will go wherever necessary – from the tightest crawlspaces to the most neglectful homes to the highest courtrooms – to seek justice for animals. Once home to the “second worst pet overpopulation crisis in the United States,” Maricopa County is now ground zero for the nation’s most innovative work with homeless animals and pet owners in need.

This past year we’re proud to celebrate:


We have made remarkable strides over the past four years and are saving many more lives, but we aren’t done yet. In the coming year, we will:

  • Expand our 24-hour Bottle Baby Kitten ICU to save the lives of more newborn kittens.
  • Grow our foster hero community to give more homeless animals time to recover from injury and illness while freeing up hospital resources to allow our medical team to save more pets.
  • Expand our Pet Resource Center to provide assistance to more pet owners.
  • Introduce new laws to better protect animals in our state.
  • Expand our Animal Experience model to make every interaction, every day, as positive as it can be for pets on the
    road to their new life.
  • Lead our Fix.Adopt.Save. partners to increase spay/neuter efforts, while educating the community on pet overpopulation through expansion of our Neighborhood Resource Specialist program, specifically focused on pit bull owners.
  • Partner with the Translational Genomic Research Institute (TGen) to seek new treatments for Valley Fever.


No one does more to save pets.

Animal Welfare Volunteer

Thank you for your support of the Arizona Humane Society and for helping us become a unique example of what can be accomplished for animals in need. We will continue to break boundaries and save more lives. We do this because just like you, we unequivocally believe that every pet deserves a good life. As long as there are pets in need, AHS will champion their cause, proving that no one does more to save pets.


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