Parvo Puppy ICU

Lifesaving Gifts Needed for Life-Threatening Illness

Parvo, a highly-contagious, often fatal, viral disease in puppies and unvaccinated adult dogs has long been considered an untreatable and challenging disease to treat within animal shelters throughout the country.

The Arizona Humane Society is changing that. As Arizona’s largest animal welfare organization dedicated to caring for the ill and injured homeless animals in the Valley, AHS opened the state’s largest parvo treatment center. Last year, the Parvo Puppy ICU treated 425 puppies and dogs.

Life-saving programs like our Parvo Puppy ICU, as well as the Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, Mutternity Suites, Kitten Nursery, and Bottle Baby Kitten ICU help us to save the lives of pets routinely euthanized in shelters. We need your help to continue to save lives. Your donation provides the critical funding necessary to purchase medication, vaccinations and supplies. You can help ill puppies and dogs now. Make a lifesaving gift to our Parvo Puppy ICU,

The Parvo Puppy ICU is made possible through generous funding from:

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