Kitten Nursery

Our Littlest Friends Need Big Help

AHS’ Kitten Nursery and Bottle Baby Kitten ICU helps care for our tiniest feline friends during kitten season, when our shelters are overflowing with adorable kittens.

These little kittens range from newborns who require 24-hour care by our compassionate staff and volunteers to older kittens who need socialization while they gain weight in preparation for finding their forever homes.

Between staffing, medical care, vaccinations, toys, litter, food, and other supplies, it costs more than $500,000 a year to operate the Kitten Nursery and Bottle Baby Kitten ICU. Last year, we were able to care for more than 2,000 kittens thanks to our community’s support. Life-saving programs like our Kitten Nursery and Bottle Baby ICU, as well as our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™, Mutternity Suites and Parvo Puppy ICU save the lives of pets routinely euthanized in shelters. Make a lifesaving gift today to help us continue to save the lives of these precious kittens.

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