Animal Education for your Students

Add some furry excitement to your curriculum with AHS classroom visits, assembly programs and field trips!

All of our Compassion in the Classroom programs provide age/grade appropriate lessons which include a wide range of STEM-focused hands-on learning with live animal interactions! AHS school programs meet AZ K-12 Academic Standards and can be customized to fit your current classroom topic or specific learning objectives.

Virtual programs are available upon request! Please email Shelby at

Program Fee:

  • Pre-K and Kindergarten: $75.00 for a 30-minute program for up to 35 students.
  • 1st-12th Grade: $195.00 for the first hour and $145.00 for each
    consecutive hour for up to 75 students.
  • Programs are free to Title I schools in Maricopa County.


Most Popular Programs:

Pet Talk
Students will learn basic information about the many ways that animals (and people) communicate their needs and emotions. Understanding what an animal is saying increases empathy and respect and can also keep children safe. Students will use their observational skills to interpret our pet’s body language and vocalizations.


Classy Critters
Animals have class! Classification, that is. In this interactive classroom program, we’ll learn about the five different classes of vertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, and mammals and discuss what makes them different.


Animal Doctors
Let your students dive in, dig deeper, and explore the world of veterinary science. Students will compare animal vs. human doctors, listen to heartbeats with stethoscopes, explore the basics animal care and get to be an animal doctor for the day!


Animal Rescue Squad
Explore the world of AHS’ Emergency Animal Medical Technicians! Students will hear stories of survival, meet some of our animal celebrities, and learn how they can make a difference for animals in our community.


Too Much of a Good Thing
A fun look into the issue of pet overpopulation. We’ll explore what might happen if pets weren’t spayed or neutered with hands-on math activities and open discussion about how personal choices can have a community-wide impact.


Animal Advocates 101
Let’s explore all aspects of the human-animal bond, cultivating compassion and we’ll encourage students to grow into responsible pet owners and advocates for the animals they love!


Bring Your Class to the Arizona Humane Society!

AHS Field Trip
Plan your next field trip to one of our two campuses and your students will get a behind-the-scenes look at how we rescue, care for and adopt out animals in need. After the exciting tour, your students will love a customize hands-on learning activity that fits your current curriculum. Add on Reading Fur Fun — a great way for students to build reading skills and give our pets some fun attention, too.