Our Partner Promises

Maintaining successful working relationships with animal placement organizations and rescue groups is vital to saving animal lives in our community. We are dedicated to offering the same open communication and excellent standards of care to our pets as we would expect from any of our partners to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship. Our code of conduct, for both us as an organization as well as for our partners are as follows:

  • We promise to provide open communication, and be courteous and flexible when discussing an animal, and ask the same of our partners.
  • We promise to address any questions or concerns with our partners and request that all concerns are directed to Jane Herrera, Adoptions, Rescue & Retail Manager, at jherrera@azhumane.org.
  • We promise to never ask for an adoption or transfer fee from our partners, and our partners understand that we are unable to provide monetary compensation for animals transferred from AHS.
  • We promise to use humane, positive-reinforcement training methods with our pets and ask the same of our partners.
  • We promise to provide prompt, attentive medical care to our pets by a licensed veterinary team, and clean and safe facilities for the animals in our care and ask the same of our partners.
  • We promise to communicate to our partners regarding any pets that may come in with a microchip linked to that partner. If the pet is not claimed by an owner, we will give our partners first right of refusal. Release of pets to a rescue is subject to AHS stray-hold policy, to allow every stray pet the best chance to be reunited with their owner.
  • We will operate on a “first come, first served” basis, and will release pets to rescue by order of written or verbal commitment to pull.

Termination of Partnership

The Arizona Humane Society reserves the right to terminate a partnership at any time for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Documented communication of antagonistic, inaccurate and/or malicious information on social media, to the public, the media, or email, slandering or defaming the Arizona Humane Society, especially without reaching out to the Rescue Partner Program team to address concerns beforehand.
  2. Vitriolic written or verbal abuse and/or harassment of Arizona Humane Society staff or volunteers.
  3. Unsanitary and inhumane housing conditions.
  4. Proven history of animal abuse or neglect or other unlawful history relating to the care and placement of animals.