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House Fire Update: Six Dogs Rescued From House Fire Are In The Care Of The Arizona Humane Society’s Trauma Team

Written by: Arizona Humane Society
On Saturday, October 22, the Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ (EAMTs) responded to a house fire, alongside the Phoenix Fire Department. Sadly, several dogs did not survive and were found deceased at the home.

Seven others were transported to AHS’ trauma hospital. One of the dogs did not survive and had to be humanely put to sleep due to smoke inhalation and respiratory distress. The remaining dogs range in age from 11 weeks to 12 years old and are mix of male and female Toy Poodles. Two of the dogs have guarded prognoses at this time.

Due to the prolonged effects of smoke inhalation, the dogs will continue to be carefully monitored, receive additional X-rays aa necessary, and some are undergoing additional testing for Valley Fever and tick fever. In addition to smoke inhalation, AHS’ medical team reports conditions consistent with hoard-like conditions – ticks, matted fur, urine soaked fur and the dogs being underweight.

This is a very sad case and our hearts go out to the woman, and the dogs, who lost their lives this weekend. At this time, the dog’s ongoing medical care remains our number one priority. We will share updates as they become available.

October 24, 2022