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Shepherd Mix transferred to AHS via Project Reachout

AHS’ Project Reachout Welcomes 40+ Puppies and Moms From Navajo Nation!

Written by: Arizona Humane Society
AHS has taken in 70 pets from overcrowded local and regional animal shelters over the last two weeks.

AHS’ Project Reachout Program welcomed more than 40 dogs, many of whom are pregnant or nursing mothers and their puppies, along with a father dog from the Navajo Nation.

Project Reachout - Navajo Nation

This week we’ve also had 10 pets transferred in from our local partner, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, as well as another 15 critters from the San Diego Humane Society, a shelter that had more than 140 critters in their care at once. (Pictured right are puppies from Navajo Nation, a guinea pig and rabbit from San Diego Humane Society, and Jack from MCACC.)

Project Reachout is our partner assistance program and is a lifesaving program that transfers pets from other animal welfare organizations locally and at times, regionally and nationally, in need of medical care or when space on AHS’ adoption floor allows for medical care. So far this year, we’ve transferred in more than 50 pets through the program from partner shelters in need of help, including Maricopa County Animal Care and Control and Casa Grande Animal Care and Adoption Center. Last year, more than 960 pets were transferred to AHS as part of the lifesaving program.

The newest pets range from pregnant moms ready to give birth to a variety of furry friends. Some of them are already up for adoption, while others may need one of our Foster Heroes. But, our Project Reachout pets are just a few of the many fur-tastic pets who are waiting to find adoption or foster homes. Check out our available pets today!

By working together, we save more lives. That’s why our partner collaborations, like Project Reachout, are so important to the work we do. Thank you to everyone who continues to help these pets get the care they need.