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National Pet ID Week: Candy’s Homecoming!

Written by: Arizona Humane Society

One in Three Pets Will Become Lost at Some Point During Their Life.

Without proper ID, 90 percent of those lost pets will not return home. This #NationalPetIDWeek, make sure your friends and family know how to prevent their pet from becoming a statistic!

When Candy arrived at AHS, she appeared very lethargic and was suspected to have head trauma. Though she had a microchip, the phone numbers on file were no longer in service. Fortunately, there was also an address listed, and our transport team was able to locate her family and the two were shortly reunited! Candy’s story remind us that it is just as important to update your pet’s microchip as it is to have one at all.

AHS’ lost and found pet resources include actions you can take inside and outside of your neighborhood, as well as how we work together with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control to place lost/found pets on an interactive mapping tool. Since partnering with MCACC in August of 2018 to use MCACC’s tool, AHS has seen a nearly 20 percent increase of pets returning to their loving homes, a majority of which were thanks to microchips! AHS also has a Pet Reunite Specialist on staff who is dedicated solely to reuniting pets with their families through innovative tools.

All of AHS’ adoptable pets are microchipped. AHS’ Veterinary Clinics also offer microchips (includes first registration) with a 30-40 percent savings compared to other outlets. Implanting a microchip involves only a quick, painless injection and there is no recovery time for your pet. Neither you nor your pet can feel the microchip once it is injected, and this form of identification cannot be removed. It is important to note that a microchip does NOT track pets – it can only provide information when scanned.

Lost and Found Pet Resources


Microchip Your Pet!


April 16, 2019