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Former Healthy tails Mobile Vet clinic vehicle

Say Hello to AHS’ New Mobile Veterinary Clinic, Courtesy of Banfield Foundation!

Written by: Arizona Humane Society

An Additional 6,000 Valley Pets are Expected to Receive Affordable Care Each Year!

The Arizona Humane Society will help thousands of Valley pets and pet owners with its new Healthy Tails Mobile Veterinary Clinic, thanks to a donated mobile veterinary unit from the Banfield Foundation. The Healthy Tails Mobile Veterinary Clinic is designed to assist low-income pet parents across the Valley overcome barriers, such as unreliable transportation and financial hardships, so that their pets can continue to receive comprehensive medical care. By providing affordable veterinary services such as vaccines, microchips, tick/flea and other preventative treatments, and wellness exams in targeted areas, these efforts will help to keep pets and people together regardless of any hardships they might face. In an effort to create a self-sustaining model, AHS will operate the Healthy Tails Mobile Veterinary Clinic four days a week, with two days dedicated to affordable fee-for-service and the other two days for free services 24 weeks of the year. This model not only enables AHS to provide care to remote and underserved areas, it also allows the program to pay for a large portion of the free service days for those in most need. “The Arizona Humane Society is extremely grateful to our generous partners at the Banfield Foundation for recognizing just how important accessible and affordable veterinary care is to overall pet health,” said Dr. Steven Hansen, AHS President and CEO. “Each year, AHS’ Pet Resource Center fields tens of thousands of calls for pet help and approximately 3,000 of those calls are for medical assistance. Now, we anticipate being able to assist an additional 6,000 pets each year.” “At the Banfield Foundation, we believe every pet deserves access to veterinary care, regardless of their circumstance. In addition to financial barriers, we know geographic location and lack of transportation contribute to pets not receiving critically important care. Job loss and safety concerns tied to COVID-19 has exacerbated the issue and created even more barriers for struggling pet owners,” said Kim Van Syoc, Executive Director of the Banfield Foundation. “By funding the Healthy Tails Mobile Veterinary Clinic, we are helping to remove those barriers, we are deploying safe, quality care into vulnerable communities and most importantly, we are meeting pet owners where they are at—and there is no better partner to make this happen than the Arizona Humane Society.”

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December 7, 2020