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12 News, CBS 5, & 3TV: Little Foot’s Paws Saved

Written by: Arizona Humane Society

News Highlights:

  • Little Foot, at the time just 6 weeks old, was brought to AHS on January 20 by a Good Samaritan who found him with rubber bands tied around his ankles. His feet were horribly swollen, making it very difficult to walk, and nearly cutting off his circulation.
  • His initial treatment in AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™ included daily laser therapy and warm compress massages to promote blood flow and improve circulation in his paws.
  • Little Foot is now recovering in an AHS Foster Hero‘s home where he is making many friends and progressing very well!
  • Follow along with Little Foot’s healing journey on AHS’ Facebook page! We will share details of his treatment, recovery, and journey towards adoption over the next few weeks.

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February 8, 2019