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Local Shelters Have Reduced Euthanasia and Intake Tremendously since 2012

Written by: Arizona Humane Society

Euthanasia Has Decreased by 87 Percent and Intake Has Decreased by 44 Percent in Local Shelters.

As a member of the Alliance for Companion Animals and partner within the Fix.Adopt.Save. initiative, AHS is happy to share this amazing news!

Today, the Alliance for Companion Animals, comprised of AHS, Altered Tails, Animal Defense League of Arizona (ADLA), Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL), HALO Animal Rescue and PACC 911, came together to give an update on the Fix.Adopt.Save. initiative. Fix.Adopt.Save. launched in 2012 as a three-year initiative to end pet homelessness in Maricopa County by increasing adoptions, spay/neuter services and fostering.

The initiative is unique to Maricopa County and is not only lead by the Alliance for Companion Animals, but also in partnership with key funding partners, Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, PetSmart Charities and Arizona Community Foundation. Clearly the initiative has far surpassed its initial three-year run and in doing so has resulted in an 87 percent decrease in euthanasia and 44 percent decrease in intake to local shelters since 2012!

As the name implies, the initiative’s three focus areas – Fix-Adopt-Save – have defined the underlying strategies for success.

  1. Fix: Dramatically increase access to available and no-cost spay/neuter and pet wellness services to reduce shelter intake and euthanasia. Nearly 34,000 pets were spayed/neutered this past year through Alliance partners!
  2. Adopt: Substantially raise awareness about the benefits of adopting from a shelter or rescue group. After all, rescue pets are the complete package. Nearly 44,000 pets were placed this past year through Alliance partners!
  3. Save: Recruiting more fosters and fostering more kittens until ready for adoption, provide medical care and behavioral training and further help to educate the community.

Yet, what is next?

Three-quarters of the pets entering Valley shelters are still comprised of cats, pit bulls and Chihuahuas therefore looking ahead Fix.Adopt.Save. will continue to fight for the most at-risk pets and will:

  • Further increase access to spay/neuter and pet wellness services
  • Grow medical and behavior capacity
  • Focus on bull breeds in high intake areas
  • Promote adoptions
  • Continue collaboration

And how can the public help?

  • Adopt, Don’t Shop!
  • Spread the spay/neuter message.
  • Utilize Trap-Neuter-Return programs for outdoor cats

AHS could not be prouder to be a part of the Alliance and the Fix.Adopt.Save. initiative, working alongside animal welfare partners who are all committed to the common goal of saving more lives. In addition, we are grateful to our funders who have continuously stood by our organizations to help make Maricopa County one of the best places to be a pet.


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September 18, 2019