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AHS Veterinarian Performs Blood Transfusion to Save Poodle’s Life

Written by: Arizona Humane Society

Miniature Poodle Charlie arrived at AHS with hundreds of ticks literally sucking the life out of him.

Charlie was weak and could barely stand from the amount of blood that he had lost when he was dropped off at AHS. He was on a painful path toward death if AHS veterinarians didn’t act fast.

Charlie was admitted to our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™. Our medical team immediately began removing ticks along with two pounds of matted and tangled fur while searching for a dog that would be a good fit to serve as a lifesaving blood donor for Charlie. A healthy America Pit Bull Terrier was the perfect match.

With little time to spare, AHS veterinarian, Dr. Martinez, performed Charlie’s blood transfusion which took nearly three hours to complete. The surgery was a success and Charlie spent the following weeks recovering in the home of AHS Foster Hero, Sam Manke. Charlie is now a happy, healthy boy ready to take on the world.

Charlie went up for adoption on Sunday, October 2nd, and was adopted shortly after. This sweet boy will now spend his days living a life full of love and adventure in Sun City, Arizona.



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ABC15 shared Charlie’s story: AHS saves poodle with blood transfusion after a heavy tick infestation

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October 3, 2016