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Advocacy Update: HB2671 Advances To The Full Senate

Written by: Arizona Humane Society

Our Voices are Making the Difference for Arizona Pets.

It was close, but HB2671 passed and advances to the full Senate. Just two weeks ago, our efforts to ensure animal abusers receive appropriate penalties were in legislative quicksand again. Now, thanks to your support, HB2671, the bill that strengthens penalties for heinous pet abuse, passed out of the Senate Commerce Committee today. But it was close a 4-3 vote. We need you to ensure this passes through both the Senate and House before it heads to the Governor’s desk to become law. You helped rescue this legislation by lending your voice and we could not be more grateful. But we need to keep up the momentum. The next step is a vote by the full Senate. We will need your voice again, and when the full Senate vote is scheduled, we’ll be in touch and ask you to help ensure we’re successful. Our voices are making the difference for Arizona pets. [one_half]

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March 28, 2019

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