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Max with owner Edna

AHS Announces $50,000 Grant From Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust

Written by: Arizona Humane Society
AHS has received a generous grant to help keep more pets and owners together through our Pet Resource Center.

The Arizona Humane Society (AHS) has received a grant totaling $50,000 from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust to support AHS’ Pet Resource Center, expanding AHS’ ability to support pet owners in crisis.

“In the wake of COVID-19, thousands of pet owners have sought support and resources from AHS to keep their families together and meet their basic needs,” said Lindsay La Pre, Arizona Humane Society Pet Resource Center Manager. “This grant from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust will give us additional resources to provide aid to pet owners in crisis through our Real Time Solutions Fund, veterinary assistance program and Pet Housing Help AZ Task Force efforts.”

“Nina Mason Pulliam understood the power of the human-animal connection,” said Trustee Lisa Shover Kackley, Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust. “Especially during difficult times, pets provide irreplaceable support to their human family members. We are pleased to aid the Arizona Humane Society in its efforts to keep pets and their families together.”

More than 95,000 Maricopa County pet owners contact AHS’ Pet Resource Center seeking support and assistance each year. In fact, last year the PRC saw a 10 percent increase in call volume with a significant number of these pet owners living below the Federal Poverty Level, facing unemployment and requiring considerable support from community and financial resources to not only meet their basic needs, but to prevent them from having to give up their beloved pet.

Pets and owners like Max and Edna (pictured above). Edna reached out to AHS’ Pet Resource Center when her dog, Max, got severely injured and needed leg surgery. Edna was facing financial hardships but did not want to part ways with Max and that is when AHS’ Community Resource Coordinator was able to get Max and his family the emergency medical care and surgery he needed.

Three weeks post-surgery, Edna reached out saying, “Max is doing great! He is no longer in pain and he is handling three legs like a trooper. He is healing and going back to his every day normal self and we are happy about that! From the bottom of our hearts our family is thankful for all your help, because of you we get to keep Max a little longer in our lives.”

Not only does the support AHS provides pet owners include medical care like Max received, but can also include pet supplies, temporary boarding, pet rental assistance fees and more. All of which result in keeping more pets in homes with their loving owners, just like Max and Edna.

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