Dog Training Classes

Mik Moeller, CPDT-KA CBCC-KA

Mik is a professional certified dog trainer. He worked at the San Francisco SPCA as the canine behavior specialist for 18 years. He has his CPDT-KA and his CBCC –KA certifications. He is a recognized expert in shy/fearful dogs, reactive dogs meaning those dogs who bark and lunge on leash and canine enrichment.

Mik graduated from the renowned San Francisco SPCA Dog Training Academy in 1999 and awarded special certification for dog-dog aggression in 2002 by Jean Donaldson. Mik frequently writes articles and lectures both nationally and internationally on leash reactivity, canine body language, dog play, canine enrichment and scent games, dog park etiquette and how to work with shy/fearful dogs. He also developed and taught the Reactive Rover dog training classes.

His teaching motto is you can teach an old dog new tricks and he brings a sense of humor to his classes to help the two legged students learn to understand their dogs behavior and provide tools to help them get the behavior they want in a positive, force-free, fun environment


Mik’s Motto

“You can teach an old dog new tricks!”