Dog Training Classes

Michael Brand, CPDT-KA

Michael has been a lover of dogs since he was four years old. His first dog was one tough cookie who provided him his first lessons in understanding the complex needs of dogs, from the reactive and un-socialized to the easy-going and gregarious. As his interests and involvement with dogs grew, he studied for and obtained his CPDT-KA. Continuing to work closely with clients he learned their needs and then prescribed appropriate training classes. He worked with dogs on everything from basic obedience to reactivity and aggression. These experiences greatly increased his practical knowledge of canine behavior and his ability to “speak dog.” Michael enjoys working with and educating owners, helping them to understand their canine friends. He is actively involved in developing workshops on subjects important to pet owners. Currently he works with his young Norwegian Elkhound, Bleau, and helps his two daughters understand speaking dog.