Dog Training Classes

Bryana Peters, CPDT-KA

Bryana is a graduate of University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with a degree in animal science. She has completed several internships centered around animal behavior across diverse species, her main focus consisting of canine, equine and spotted hyenas. She currently works as a Behavior Specialist at the Arizona Humane Society. She is an AKC CGC evaluator and loves helping dog owners achieve their training goals. For several years, Bryana focused on service dog training along with working with reactive dogs. Bryana is a pet parent to two English Labradors and one tripod German Shepherd. She also owns a rescued gelding she enjoys using to teach behavior concepts and training. Her yellow Labrador functions as a service dog, helping her mom with medical alerts paired with light mobility. She enjoys visiting schools and other locations with her dogs to help communities understand the roles of working dogs and how reactivity can be worked with.