Species: Chinese Water Dragon
Diet: Omnivore (primarily crickets, mealworms and other large insects, occasionally small mice, horned worms and feeder fish)

Shulong came to us through the Phoenix Herpetological Society who received word from the Sante Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society that they had received numerous reptiles and were looking for placement. Shulong and many of his reptile friends had had previous classroom experience, so the Phoenix Herpetological Society reached out to AHS to see if we thought he’d be a good fit as an animal teacher. Shulong has been our program rock star ever since, and really seems to light up when he is around lots of people. Prominent features like extra-long toes, bright colors, and a sharp claws make Shulong an expert at instructing students on all things animal adaptations.

As the name suggests, the Chinese water dragon’s habitat spans throughout parts of Asia, including Thailand, China, Vietnam and India. They favor habit nearby to freshwater streams, lakes, and rivers. The live in habitats that are heavily forested around these water areas, such as rainforests and mangroves, and spend much of their time in the tree along the bodies of water.