Species: Rosy Boa
Diet: Carnivore (rodents, small reptiles)

Mica is a remarkable reptile with the unique ability to help folks who are a little nervous about interacting with snakes feel more at ease. She is a very calm snake who loves to spend time slithering between people’s hands as she uses their body heat to warm up.

The desert rosy boa comes from the Mojave Desert, where it spends much of its life hiding in rock crevices, hunting for lizards and rodents. Rosy boas are very good-natured, making them an ideal pet candidate for proper homes. However, like with many animals in the pet trade, rosy boas often are collected from the wild illegally. Although the desert rosy boa is protected by law in certain states, poachers illegally hunt these animals for the pet trade, using crowbars to break open the crevices in which the boas live. The U.S. Geological Survey also points out that “impacts from roads, habitat fragmentation, and urbanization are greatly impacting rosy boa populations.” Rosy boas, as all reptiles, play an important role in nature’s web of life. Their story serves as a reminder to always do your research before bring on a new pet, never collect from the wild or support other who do, and to take the time to respect the animals that share our desert home.