Species: African Pygmy Hedgehog
Diet: Carnivore, Insectivore (hedgehog diet, mealworms, crickets, etc.)

Cholla came to us as an eight week old hoglet (a baby hedgehog). His mother was one of nine hedgehogs rescued from a trash can in San Diego’s Ocean Beach community. Authorities received a call in early June 2017 tipping them off to the location of the abandoned hedgehogs. When they arrived, officers discovered a plastic bag filled with hedgehogs in critical condition. It is illegal to possess hedgehogs in California, so the animals were transported to a small animal rescue group in Phoenix, Arizona where they could recover and go up for adoption. During the recovery period, however, it was discovered that Cholla’s mother was pregnant. She gave birth to Cholla and his brothers and sisters a few days after her Phoenix arrival.

Though still young and learning, Cholla has enjoyed getting to meet new people and exploring different environments. Hedgehogs are nocturnal, and Cholla frequently reminds us of this by interacting with new behavioral enrichment like tunnels, ramps, balls, and even bells during evening hours.