Species: Domestic Rabbit
Diet: Herbivore (hay, pellets, dark leafy greens, veggies, and the occasional piece of fruit)

Charity and 165 other rabbits were rescued from horrific conditions by AHS’ Emergency Animal Medical Technician and Animal Cruelty Investigation Team and the Gilbert Police Department in August of 2019. Members of our Education and Outreach team were on the scene to assist with animal handling when they met Charity and her furry friends. Charity’s sociable nature made her an instant great fit in the role of “animal teacher.”

Now a permanent member of our staff with a forever home, Charity will have the opportunity to educate thousands of Valley youth on her story and the lifesaving work we do for others like her at AHS.

She loves greens (especially broccoli and romaine lettuce), snuggling up with people, and getting to free roam in our offices on a regular basis.