Species: Bearded Dragon
Diet: Omnivore (a variety of greens and vegetables, as well as crickets and other small invertebrates)

Bubbles is an Australian bearded beauty who began teaching during our Animal Edventures summer camp. He has a more relaxed teaching style than many of his ‘coworkers,’ and encourages his students to take time to appreciate each moment. When not lounging under a warm heat lamp or resting in the hands of some of his favorite people, Bubbles enjoys snacking on tasty insects like crickets or biting into a refreshing salad.

Bearded dragons are native to Australia where they are fairly common in some parts, occasionally being found in people’s yards where they may eat insect pests. Because they can live among humans, bearded dragons not only have to watch out for natural predators like birds of prey and dingos, but also have to keep a watchful eye out for introduced species like dogs, cats and introduced foxes.