Surrendering Your Pet

We understand how difficult the decision can be to give up a pet. If you are struggling with your dog or cat, and are at risk of having to surrender, we may be able to help. Please see below for resources that may allow you to keep your pet in your home, or surrender options for your pet.

Surrender Your Cat Surrender Your Dog

Surrender Fees

While the needs of each animal in our care differ, it costs an average of $910 to care for one animal until he/she finds a forever home. While our surrender fees likely won’t cover the full cost of care for your pet, they will help provide us the necessary resources to keep your pet safe and healthy while we search for a new, loving family.

The surrender fee for all owned single dogs, cats and critters is $60.
The fee for owned litters of puppies or kittens is $75.

An appointment is required to surrender your pet.

We Do Offer Low-Income Assistance

Please bring proof of the following to your appointment, and we will work with you to discount your surrender fee:

  • Food stamps (you must also show a current acceptance letter)
  • AHCCCS card (you must also show a current acceptance letter)
  • Unemployment check
  • Welfare check

Found A Stray Or Wild Animal?

Visit our stray animal resource page to determine what to do if you’ve found a stray or wild animal.