Volunteer With Our Canine Friends

Become a dog volunteer and help our homeless pets. Your volunteer journey will be in levels beginning with Animal Experience (AX) ONE: Canine Care. As you complete each level, you will increase your shelter knowledge, dog handling skills and advance to the next level. Your time with our dogs is so incredibly important. You help us provide them with daily walks, socialization and enrichment to keep them happy and healthy and on their way to a fur-ever home.


As you get oriented to our shelter, you’ll learn how to provide our canine friends with excellent care by ensuring that they have clean living quarters, nutritious food, fresh water, clean bedding and plenty of enrichment items. There is not any independent handling during this introductory level.

Some of the ways you’ll help:

  • Clean kennels
  • Assist with feeding and replenishing water
  • Help with dishes and laundry to ensure our canine friends have fresh, clean dishes, beds and linens
  • Clean and update kennel signs
  • Restock supplies and enrichment items in animal areas

Complete 15 hours in AX ONE to advance to AX TWO


Walk the walk and talk the talk (with dogs that is). As an AX TWO: Canine Enrichment volunteer, you will work alongside our Animal Care pack members with hands-on dog handling and socialization.

Some of the ways you’ll help:

  • Walk small to large shelter dogs (except “Level 3” dogs)
  • Take approved dogs to run/play in the play yards
  • Practice “Click for Quiet” and basic dog tricks
  • Provide individual and group enrichment
  • Organize puppy playtimes and fetch dogs for playgroups
  • Assist with bathing and basic grooming

Complete 30 hours in AX TWO to advance to AX THREE


Learn how to walk and socialize our dogs who require advanced canine handling skills (“Level 3” dogs). These dogs could be physically challenging to get in and out of kennels, reactive, dog-aggressive, high arousal or kennel stressed. They need extra care, patience and handling skills to ensure the safety of the pets and the volunteers. You’ll also provide these pets with socialization and enrichment.

Complete 15 hours in AX THREE to advance to AX FOUR


Provide care for our pets under behavior evaluation. Work with under-socialized or reactive dogs needing behavior modification/training. These ares require completion of AX ONE-THREE and an interview with staff.


Provide care for our pets under protective custody. Socialize dogs who may have suffered abuse or neglect while their owner awaits trial. These ares require completion of AX ONE-THREE and an interview with staff. For protective custody cases, volunteers will also need to pass a background check and drug screening.


Help care for our very special guests in the Mutternity Suites – pregnant dogs and momma dogs with litters of puppies. You’ll learn to be a good suitemate who helps feed, clean and stock the suites, while also providing much-needed socialization for mom and puppies. This is a medical environment and you’ll need to be willing to adhere to extra written and verbal protocols to ensure the safety of our guests. There aren’t always guests in our suites, but when there are, we need many hands to help care for the furry families.

Dog Volunteering Locations

Sunnyslope Campus
9226 N. 13th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85021
Campus for Compassion
1521 W. Dobbins Road
Phoenix, AZ 85041
The Shoppes at Norterra
2450 W. Happy Valley Road #1149
Phoenix, AZ 85085
Scottsdale PetSmart
4380 N. Miller Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251