Volunteer With Our Dogs

Become a dog volunteer and help our homeless pets.

Your volunteer journey will be in levels beginning with Animal Experience (AX) ONE: Canine Care. As you complete each level, you will increase your shelter knowledge, dog handling skills and advance to the next level. Your time with our dogs is so incredibly important. You help us provide them with daily walks, socialization and enrichment to keep them happy and healthy and on their way to a fur-ever home.


As you get oriented to our shelter, you’ll learn how to provide our canine friends with excellent care during their stay at our shelter. There is not any independent animal handling during this introductory level.

Some of the ways you’ll help:

  • Clean kennels
  • Assist with replenishing water
  • Help with dishes and laundry to ensure our canine friends have fresh, clean dishes, beds and linens
  • Make, deliver and restock enrichment items
  • Provide enrichment activities to keep the dogs entertained in their kennels
  • Create a Bark Free Zone with Behind the bar (in kennel) enrichment activities

Complete 15 hours in AX ONE to advance to AX TWO or continue helping in AX ONE and support AHS with offsite events.


Walk the walk and talk the talk (with dogs that is). As an AX TWO: Dog Enrichment volunteer, you will work hands-on with the dogs and socialize them.

Some of the ways you’ll help:

  • Walk small to large shelter dogs (except “Level 3” dogs)
  • Take approved dogs to run/play in the yards
  • Trick training
  • Deliver enrichment items in animal areas
  • Create a Bark Free Zone with behind-the-bar (in kennel) enrichment activities
  • Provide in kennel socialization to our pups who are unable to go out for walks due to medical restrictions

Once in AX TWO, volunteers will also have the opportunity to pursue roles in our other departments such as adoptions, photography, and shelter surgery.

Complete 30 hours in AX TWO to advance to AX THREE or continue helping in AX TWO and support AHS with offsite events.


Learn how to walk and socialize our dogs who require advanced canine handling skills (“Level 3” dogs). These dogs could be physically challenging to get in and out of kennels, reactive, dog-aggressive, high arousal, shy/fearful or kennel stressed. They need extra care, patience and handling skills to ensure the safety of the pets and the volunteers. You’ll also provide these pets with socialization and enrichment.

In addition to AX THREE shifts, volunteers in this level will be qualified to support AHS with offsite events.

Dog Volunteering Locations

Sunnyslope Campus
9226 N. 13th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85021
Campus for Compassion
1521 W. Dobbins Road
Phoenix, AZ 85041
Scottsdale PetSmart
4380 N. Miller Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251