Our Littlest Friends Need Big Help

AHS’ Bottle Baby Kitten ICU helps care for our tiniest feline friends during kitten season when our shelters are overflowing with adorable kittens.

These little kittens are newborns ages 0-4 weeks who require 24-hour care by our compassionate staff and volunteers. Become a kitten volunteer in our Bottle Baby Kitten ICU and begin your journey as a caregiver and advance to a feeder. Because these little cuties are very vulnerable you’ll need to follow all sanitation and medical protocols to keep them safe and healthy. Become a volunteer today by taking our online orientation.

Bottle Baby Caregiver - Seasonal

Learn the ins-and-outs of the Bottle Baby Kitten Intensive Care Unit (BBKICU), while providing essential animal care for our smallest kitten friends in need. This role supports our technicians and Bottle Baby Feeder volunteers by cleaning kennels, washing bottles, doing dishes and laundry. Your help ensures that our kittens have a healthy and cozy living space. By starting with this intro level, you will get oriented to the BBKICU. You will also have opportunities to shadow our Bottle Baby Feeder volunteers to see how they feed, weigh and care for the babies; preparing you for advancement to become a Bottle Baby Feeder!

Bottle Baby Feeder - Seasonal

Provide life-saving care for our orphaned kittens by feeding and providing them with much needed human contact and socialization. This is a highly demanding and extremely rewarding opportunity that requires a strong commitment to scheduled shifts so that we can provide the care needed for these babies to not just survive, but thrive.

To become a Feeder, must complete two Caregiver shifts and attend a Bottle Baby feeder workshop.

Some of the ways you’ll help:

  • Bottle feed and provide gruel for kittens who have transitioned from the bottle
  • Stimulate kittens to urinate and defecate
  • Keep kittens warm and comfortable
  • Record kitten weights, food amounts and more
  • Provide human contact for neonate kittens
  • Assist in Caregiver responsibilities such as mopping floors, cleaning kennels, washing dishes and laundry duties

Bottle Baby Kitten ICU Volunteer Location

Sunnyslope Campus
9226 N. 13th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85021