Your Donations at Work

Every gift changes a life.

As a supporter of the Arizona Humane Society, you are joining our mission to save the most vulnerable animals and enrich the lives of pets and people.

When you make a donation to AHS, your gift goes toward supporting the comprehensive medical, behavioral rehabilitation, surrender intervention and spay/neuter initiatives that have helped us save an additional 100,000 lives over the last six years.

We could not provide so many second chances without the public’s support. Without your generous donations, we couldn’t feed and shelter our homeless animals. We couldn’t provide medical care. We couldn’t send our EAMT team to rescue an injured animal or provide our Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital with lifesaving medicine and equipment. We couldn’t save lives.

AHS is a local nonprofit, not affiliated with other Humane Societies, and dependent on private donations to fund our work and give second chances to the thousands of animals we take in every year.

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