Don’t Trade It. Donate It.

Our Pets Get 100% of the Proceeds.
You Get a Bigger Tax Write-off.

Donate your unwanted vehicle to our Wheels for Wags program and help our community’s most vulnerable pets. Unlike most car donation programs, we skip the middleman and sell directly to the public. So your money goes farther to help homeless pets and you get a bigger tax write-off. And since we handle the entire process from pickup to tax receipt, donating to a pet in need has never been easier.

We Make It Easy to Make a Difference

Our helpful customer service team is here seven days a week to help you through the process.

  1. Call 602.997.7585 Ext. 2034, email or complete our easy Online Form.

    Online Donation Form

  2. Schedule your pick-up.
  3. We handle the rest, from pickup to tax receipt!


What Sets Us Apart

We Skip the Middleman Which Means More Money for Our Pets and You!

While many nonprofits accept donated vehicles and sell them through third-party companies, the Arizona Humane Society is one of the few nonprofits in the Valley selling donated vehicles in-house, allowing us to avoid third-party fees and maximizing your vehicle donation.

How Does This Benefit Our Pets?
No third-party fees means more money is going directly toward supporting medical treatment, rescue services, food and shelter for our animals until they find a forever home.

How Does This Benefit You?
By selling directly to the public, our vehicles generate up to 300 percent more net revenue on average than they would at an auction house.* In addition, we also service and repair most issues with your car before putting it up for sale. This maximizes your car’s value, giving you a larger tax write-off!

Don’t trade it, donate it! And help save homeless pets!

We are a nonprofit charity and each donation directly supports the innovative programs and services dedicated to homeless animals.

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*Based on average AHS direct vehicle sales vs. average third-party sales.