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Action Needed Now

Despite the overwhelming support for appropriate penalties for egregious pet abuse, the Arizona Legislature still REFUSES to act. HB2025 has stalled. And we’re running out of time to get a new bill moving in the legislature.

Please reach out to your elected officials and tell them it’s time to stop protecting pet abusers. Learn more.

You can find your district information here and contact information for your House representatives here and Senators here.

Help us fight animal cruelty. From strengthening state laws against animal abuse to creating new municipal codes to prevent overpopulation and neglect, the Arizona Humane Society leads animal welfare legislation to fight animal cruelty and engage our community to promote the protection of pets on both a state and local level.

Visit our Animal Welfare Legislation page to read about state and municipal animal welfare legislation.

Help Us – Anywhere, Anytime

Advocacy is about action, in the form of an email, letter, phone call, Facebook post, or even attendance at a rally. It’s about effectively communicating with elected officials about issues facing Arizona’s animals.

Sign up now, for our Advocacy Alerts to learn about more important opportunities to participate in the legislative process. And please see the list of current, actionable alerts below.

Your action – big or small – is essential to our continued success. You can connect with lawmakers and help influence policy, right from your phone, computer or mobile device. Download our E-Advocacy Guide today and learn how you can help.

Humane Legislative Coalition of Arizona

AHS is a founding member of the Humane Legislative Coalition of Arizona. Formalized in 2014, the Humane Legislative Coalition of Arizona is an alliance of the state’s leading, active, humane organizations and advocates who share the common goals of protecting animals from abuse, neglect and inhumane practices, and ensuring that those who harm animals are held accountable. Leveraging awareness, advocacy and legislation, the Coalition stands together to advance animal welfare and ensure Arizona remains a national leader in the humane treatment of its animals. Collectively, the Humane Legislative Coalition of Arizona represents more than 350,000 Arizona voters, supporters, stakeholders and donors who are passionate about the protection of animals. The Coalition includes the Animal Defense League of Arizona, Arizona Humane Society, Humane Society of Southern Arizona, and Humane Voters of Arizona.

Leveraging private philanthropy with awareness and advocacy, members of the Humane Legislative Coalition of Arizona deliver more than $23 million annually in service across Arizona AT NO COST TO THE TAXPAYER. Our members lead by example. That is why we rescue, heal, adopt and advocate for homeless, sick, injured and abused animals. That is why we shine a light on abuse as we work to hold their abusers accountable. And it’s why we relentlessly raise private funds to pay for these services. Click here to learn more.

Resources for Animal Advocates

Identify and Contact Your Elected Officials
Using your address, find your local, state and federal representatives.

Arizona Animal Cruelty Laws
Click here for a comprehensive list of Arizona’s laws pertaining to animal welfare.

Guide to Writing Advocacy Letters
Please review our quick tutorial on legislative letter writing to ensure your message packs the biggest punch.

Help Stop Animal Abuse
Download our brochure to learn what you can do to help combat animal abuse.