Papago Park Campus

We will develop the Papago Park Campus, anchored by the Medical Complex, near the juncture of the 202 and 143 freeways. A regional hub, the Campus will deliver acute medical and trauma care, behavior rehabilitation, rescue and cruelty investigations, adoption resources and education programs.

Saving lives at the level proposed requires a regional medical center of excellence and more highly skilled medical specialists, working extended hours. An expanded and equipped Trauma Hospital is the center of all services. At the Papago Park Campus, we will:

  • Enhance rescue and cruelty investigations.
  • Perform advanced medical and surgical services for injured animals.
  • Increase behavior rehabilitation for the most traumatized animals.
  • Establish intensive care units to isolate and care for animals with contagious diseases.
  • Create a healthy environment for animals in our care by providing advanced “Standards of Care” as set forth by the Association of Shelter Veterinarians.

The Medical Complex will advance the practice of veterinary medicine and rehabilitation. The facility will allow veterinarians, students, staff and volunteers to expand capabilities, to refine expertise and to innovate in critical medical care. You can view our current vision for the new campus here.