Find Your Number*

Is your pet one of the 80,000 additional lives saved? If you’ve adopted from the Arizona Humane Society during the past four years, enter your pet’s name and adoption date, and we’ll find their life saved number!


Now that your pet knows their life saved number, we bet they’d love to learn some of their furry friends’ numbers as well. Be sure to share your life saved number on social media with your friends and encourage them to look up their pet’s number too!

*Note: Life saved numbers are not pulled from a database and represent our best guess based on the adoption date you entered. With 80,000 additional pets saved, it’s possible that another lucky family adopted their pet around the same time and could generate the same life saved number. As such, we discourage you from tattooing this number anywhere (on you or your pet). This is just for fun, after all. But trust us, your pet will think it’s pretty cool to have their very own number.