Crosby’s story actually begins with his mom Lucy, who was found in a parking lot and brought to AHS.

Lucy was pregnant, and at the time, AHS had multiple pregnant moms who needed foster, so AHS President & CEO Dr. Steven Hansen and his family welcomed Lucy into their home.

Within a few days, there were five new mouths to feed, including Crosby. After weeks of helping to care for the puppies, Dr. Hansen and his family had fallen in love with Crosby’s sweet, playful nature and couldn’t resist keeping Crosby.

Seven years ago, Crosby likely wouldn’t have survived as the shelter environment is not optimal for pregnant dogs or those nursing babies.

Lucy and Crosby’s story and others like them, led to the creation of our Mutternity Suites, where we can now provide adequate care for pregnant moms who give birth at the shelter and save the lives of those we couldn’t save before.

“Crosby has brought my family so much happiness, and 100,000 other dogs and cats are creating countless memories in their homes too,” Dr. Hansen said. “With our community’s continued support, we will save 100,000 more pets.”