Lifesaving Programs

How do you save 100,000 additional lives? With our community’s support, we’ve implemented new programs that have helped us give second chances to animals who likely wouldn’t have had hope before.

Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™
Whether it’s a cat who has been hit by a car or a dog who has been abused and neglected, our pet paramedics and cruelty investigators rush to the aid of sick, injured and abused animals and save the lives of thousands of pets every year.

Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™
Led by a highly-skilled medical team who can treat the most severe medical conditions, our trauma hospital treats the vast majority of the Valley’s injured and abused homeless animals.

Parvo Puppy ICU
Our Parvo Puppy ICU specializes in the treatment of puppies and dogs with the deadly parvo virus.

Kitten Nursery and Bottle Baby Kitten ICU
We care for our tiniest feline friends, ranging from newborns who require 24-hour care by our compassionate staff and volunteers to older kittens who need socialization while they gain weight in preparation for finding their forever homes.

Mutternity Suites
We offer a quiet, contained place for pregnant mothers to give birth with medical supervision.

Behavior Programs
We work with our dogs and cats to provide enrichment and socialization opportunities that help make every interaction, every day, as positive as it can be for our pets on the road to their new life.

Pet Resource Center
A call center featuring trained, compassionate specialists who provide struggling pet owners with resources and alternatives to help keep their loving, furry family members in their homes.

To combat pet overpopulation, we offer high-volume, quality, affordable spay/neuter and veterinary services.

Admissions by Appointment
A groundbreaking, transparent intake process that ensures every pet is given his or her best chance for success, while allowing us to fast-track sick and injured animals.

Feline Programs
The addition of new programs, such as Working Cats and expanded Trap-Neuter-Return, provide additional placement outlets for more cats.