The Arizona Humane Society is extremely grateful for the passion and dedication of its 2018 Compassion with Fashion committee. The committee’s commitment to supporting event planning and execution is key in making Compassion with Fashion one of the Valley’s most beloved events.

Bridget Argana
Julie Capone
Beth Chappel
Cathy Comer
Laura Dannerbeck
Joni Davis
Lisa Schmidt
Lauren Smith
Jen Weinbrenner
Nicole Denton
Shelly Forstrom
LuAnn Hansen
Maggie Hoffert
Janine Jacobs
Teresa Johnson
Ruth Siegel
Susan Stake
Dyan Wendle Getz
Melissa Katz
Karen Litton
Sara Mayer
Cathy McCaughtry
Jamie Middleton
Sue Pearl
Tanya Simpson
Liz Sugges
Patty Withycombe
Carly Post
Cheri Richardson
Dena Sanders
Andrea Marconi
Diane Rogers
Kimberlee Padilla
Sue Singer
Daryl Weil
Kiffie Robbins