The Arizona Humane Society is extremely grateful for the passion and dedication of its Compassion with Fashion committee. The committee’s commitment to supporting the planning and execution of this very special event is key in making Compassion with Fashion the best annual charity event year after year.

Event Co-Chairs, Mandy Holmes and Courtney Beller

Committee Leadership

Silent Auction:
Jessica Iennarella and Paula Sumner-Walker
Sponsorship and Ad Sales:
Lauren Harris and Liz Shapiro
Tickets and Tables:
Teresa Johnson and Sue Pearl
VIP Experience:
Carla Holzer and Amy Wimer
Circle of Friends:
Dyan Getz and Julie Pierce


Cindi Ackerman
Camila Alarcon
Leah Alexander
Kristi Batchelder
Melany Berger
Yvonne Betts*
Sarah Blomberg
Katherine Cecala
Beth Chappel
Cathy Comer
Allison Contris
Melissa Coraggio
Ann Damiano*
Joni Davis
Nicole Denton
Edee Dunning
Sheila Estaniel
Jess Fisher
Dr. Karla Fisher*
Jo Flittie*
Jan Forshee
Shelly Forstrom
Lori Galvin
Dyan Getz*
Heather Greenbaum
LuAnn Hansen
Taylor Harrison
Ashley Hawkins
Lauren Hewitt
Janine Jacobs
Julie Johnson*
Alexis Kailas
Nicole Kleppe
Sophia Little
Karen Litton
Tess Loo
Tracey Lyons*
Jill MacKenzie
Andrea Marconi*
Amy Marley
Lana McPhelan
Susan Meador
Jamie Middleton
Leila Mikal
Kendra Miller
Karianne Munstedt
Alicia Neal
Lisa Pagel
Andrea Palomo
Michelle Parks
Kimberlee Reimann
Ashley Ruggieri
Sumi Sarkar
Tracy Schreiner
Ruth Siegel
Ann Siner*
Sue Singer
Lauren Smith
Heather Staudohar
Stephanie Thomas
Inga Valdottir
Regi Lynn Walston
Dr. Linda Groomes
Cindy Watts
Jen Weinbrenner
Mischelle White
Dr. Kathy Wigal
Patty Withycombe
Susan Yannitelli