Pet Behavior Tips

Tips to Care for Your Furry Friends

Whether you’re prepping to welcome a new pet into your home or looking for advice to care for the pets you currently have, you’ll find plenty of information and guidance in the tips and videos below.

AHS’ certified trainers use positive reinforcement, force-free, and science-based methods in pet training. Our certified trainers use a variety of training methods that suit a dog and his or her family’s individual needs while following effective techniques based on scientific evidence. They are committed to continuing their education surrounding the latest humane and ethical training methods.

Dog Training Classes

Need help training your dog? As you may have already noticed, dog training takes a lot of time – and patience from you and your pet. But keep in mind that a well-trained pet is a happy pet. If you and your dog could use some pointers, check out AHS’ dog training classes. We offer four-week all-encompassing courses, or specialty two-week classes.

Cat Behavior Consultations

Our trained feline welfare specialist can help with many different behavior concerns such as litterbox problems, biting, scratching, fear and more. We offer lessons in the comfort of your home or consultations via phone or Skype for those with busy schedules. Contact or 602.997.7585 Ext. 2043 to setup an in-home lesson.