Double Your Gift Today In Honor of Laura Gibney!

For generations, the Gibney-Williams family has gone above and beyond to help animals. Whether it’s assisting with a life-saving surgery, rescuing an animal in need from a difficult situation, or providing a safe home to keep a scared animal off the streets, the Gibney-Williams family has been there. In return, those animals have given so much love and joy back.

This Valentine’s Day, this special family, and longtime friends and supporters of the Arizona Humane Society, want to reflect on all the good animals bring to us, especially during times of stress and loss like we are experiencing now during a pandemic. What was once “normal,” has changed. Our friends and family can feel so far away at times, but our pets continue to bring us the comfort and closeness that we need every single day.

Today, you can help celebrate our furry family members and honor the memory of Gibney-Williams matriarch Laura Gibney, by making a matching gift for the animals. When you make a gift today, the Gibney-Williams family will match your donation up to $20,000 so we can bring hope to twice as many pets who do the same for us during the most challenging of times. Have your $50 gift doubled to $100 or a $100 gift transformed into $200 instantly!

You can often hear members of the Gibney-Williams family happily exclaiming to their pets “Who loves you, baby?” Our pets love us unconditionally every day. Show them we love them back and honor Laura Gibney with your matching donation today!

Thank you for saving twice as many lives and joining a proud family legacy of kindness, compassion and hope.

February 15, 2021