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Senior Dogs at AHS Fetch Themselves a Grant

Written by: Arizona Humane Society

The Arizona Humane Society is excited to announce that we have received a special grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization to support our lifesaving work for senior dogs. The Grey Muzzle Grant allows us to keep senior pets in loving homes by providing monetary assistance to pet owners in need through AHS’ Bridge the Gap program.

This unique partnership ensures struggling pet parents have the resources they need to care for their beloved senior pets, like Grace. Grace, the 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, is just one of the pets whose life was changed thanks to this grant. Like many senior pets, Grace’s teeth had begun to decay. Eventually, her teeth became so painful, Grace could barely eat. Her owner knew she needed help, but he couldn’t afford the dental treatment Grace needed on his own. So, he reached out to the Arizona Humane Society’s Pet Resource Center for help. Thanks to the Grey Muzzle Grant, we were able to help Grace get the care she needed. Now, after undergoing dental surgery, Grace is back at home with her beloved owner.

We’re so grateful to Grey Muzzle for helping us save pets like Grace. #SavingSeniorsTogether

July 20, 2023