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Rescue Update: Rabbit Rescued from Cruelty Now Has a Home in a Tempe Elementary School!

Written by: Arizona Humane Society

Pumpkin Spice Loves Her New Life as a Classroom Pet!

Four months after AHS and the Gilbert Police Department rescued 166 rabbits living in horrific conditions, one of those rabbits has a new home at Meyer Montessori of Tempe Elementary School District! Pumpkin Spice, a 1-year-old Shorthaired Rabbit, is now cared for and loved by Ms. Christine and her 2nd - 4th grade students. The children care for her daily and take turns making sure she has a clean litter box, food and water twice a day, as well as a clean hutch and bedding. They also sit and observe her when they need a break in their work and she needs time outside of her hutch. Pumpkin Spice has even helped comfort younger children when they have had a bad day. This special rabbit now teaches school children about the responsibility of caring for a pet and inspires compassion for animals. The students wrote letters to AHS talking about their love of Pumpkin Spice, taking her for walks on her harness, and watching her “bink” when she is happy. We are so happy that Pumpkin Spice found the perfect "family" at Meyer Montessori! Watch ABC 15's story of Pumpkin Spice's new life here.

“Teaching my students about the importance of adopting when you are able to properly care for the animal has been a great joy for me," Ms. Christine said.

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Each year, we partner with law enforcement to conduct more than 7,700 cruelty investigations like Pumpkin Spice's case to help seek justice for abused animals.
January 14, 2020