Staying in town this Memorial Day? Consider Fostering a Homeless Pet!

Every Summer Valley shelters become overwhelmed with homeless pets due to kitten season, triple digit temperatures and continued fallout (job loss, housing instability, etc.) from the COVID-19 pandemic. As the organization in the Valley that cares for the most vulnerable pets – the sick, injured and abused homeless pets – the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) is currently caring for 700 pets in Foster Hero homes with more than 100 other pets still in need of foster care. AHS is also caring for 553 pets within its shelter bringing the total number of pets to 1,253.

AHS is encouraging pet lovers who may be sticking around this Memorial Day to consider bringing a short-term foster pet into their home. There is no cost to be a Foster Hero as AHS provides all of the following:

  • Food, treats, toys as needed
  • Medical care through its Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™
  • Matchmaking and support through its Foster Relationship Specialists

Plus, as a Foster Hero, you get the first right to adopt a pet (foster failures are our favorite!) or find an adopter through friends or family members as part of AHS’ Home to Home Program! Additionally, Foster Heroes can carry on their normal lifestyles when fostering a pet and simply need a separate space and lots of love to give. AHS will cover the rest!

AHS foster cases range in length of time as well as complexity. For example, pets recovering from colds or puppies and kittens in need of gaining weight before adoption typically only require two to three weeks of a commitment whereas a pet with a fracture may need several weeks of kennel rest and recovery. Separation from other pets in the home is typically required for 10-14 days, but can vary.

Canine Foster Cases:

  • Upper Respiratory Infections (URI) – (kennel cough/colds)
  • Orthopedic/Fracture Recovery – kennel rest typically required
  • Pregnant moms and/or nursing moms and puppies
  • Project Home Away from Home owned dogs
  • Awaiting dental procedures or recovery from
  • Wound Healing E-canis (tick fever)

Feline Foster Cases:

  • Upper Respiratory Infections (URI)
  • Underage/underweight kittens – 4 to 8 weeks of age
  • Bottle Baby kittens – newborns to approximately 4 weeks of age
  • Project Home Away from Home owned cats
  • Cats awaiting dental procedures

How to sign up to become a Foster Hero:

  • Online at
  • Take the online orientation
  • Submit an application when ready to be matched with a pet