National Pet Obesity Awareness Day is October 13.

Pet obesity is an epidemic that is on the rise in the United States and reinforces the importance of National Pet Obesity Awareness Day (October 13).

According to a survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), over 50 percent of dogs and nearly 60 percent of cats are overweight or obese. Just last year that number was 40 percent and is clearly on the rise.

fat chart showing overweight ideal and underweight

AHS is dedicated to keeping animals happy and healthy and encourage pet owners to improve your pet’s quality of life with these pet obesity tips:

Signs and Dangers of Pet Obesity

  • Inability to see waistline or ribs
  • Reluctance to exercise, quickly tiring from exercise
  • Diabetes, cancer, joint problems, heart disease, high blood pressure and more

Obesity Prevention & Health Tips

  • Avoid feeding pets table scraps, high-calorie treats or extra food
  • Substitute high-calorie treats with healthy, pet-safe options such as apples and green beans
  • Consistent, fun activities and exercise
    • If pet is out of shape, slowly build up to longer periods of exercise
  • Variety of toys, positive reinforcement

If you suspect that your pet is overweight be sure to consult with your veterinarian as there could be an underlying medical issue or your vet may prescribe a meal plan including low calorie food/treats like green beans or exercises such as swimming or short walks.

October 13, 2021