Kitten Season is Here!

That means thousands of our tiniest feline friends will need our help over the next few months. Here are a few ways you can help support homeless kittens and save lives. Volunteer in our Bottle Baby Kitten ICU AHS’ Bottle Baby Kitten ICU helps care for our tiniest feline friends during kitten season when our shelters are overflowing with adorable kittens. These little kittens are newborns ages 0-4 weeks who require 24-hour care by our compassionate staff and volunteers. Your time with our kittens is so incredibly important. You help us provide them with daily care and socialization to keep them happy and healthy while they grow big and strong. Become a volunteer! Donate to our Kitten Nursery and Bottle Baby Kitten ICU Between staffing, medical care, vaccinations, toys, litter, food, and other supplies, it costs more than $500,000 a year to operate the Kitten Nursery and Bottle Baby Kitten ICU. Last year, we were able to care for more than 2,000 kittens thanks to our community’s support. Make a lifesaving gift today to help us continue to save the lives of these precious kittens. Donate now! Don’t Kit-nap Kittens When we find a litter of kittens, our good-hearted instincts tell us to rush to the aid of these fragile felines. Thankfully, human intervention is typically not required. In fact, the best thing we can do is leave the kittens alone. Mom will likely return shortly, and it’s critical that the kittens remain in her care as she offers the best chance for survival. If you find kittens and are extremely certain that they are orphaned, you can then step in and help by caring for the kittens until they’re old enough to find homes. Learn more! 

How You Can Help Kittens in Your Neighborhood!