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Cruelty Case Update: Justice for Nala and Nala!

Written by: Arizona Humane Society

Former Dog Owner Sentenced to Probation and Jail Time.

In August of 2019, the Phoenix Police Department seized two dogs for poor conditions, including no water. One of the dogs also had severe hairloss and was in need of immediate medical attention. Thanks to a new law, which strengthens Arizona’s animal cruelty laws to ensure that the punishment for the most heinous acts of animal cruelty now fit the crime, just last week the former owner of both dogs pled guilty to animal cruelty and was sentenced to…
  • 11 months of probation during which they cannot own or possess animals
  • $1,120 in restitution to AHS
  • 10 days jail time suspended only on the successfully completion of probation
Major wags and purrs to our Field rescue team and our law enforcement partners who seek justice for abused animals every day! In addition to assisting law enforcement on thousands of suspected animal cruelty each year, AHS’ Animal Cruelty Investigators also spend thousands of hours in court providing expert testimony just as they did in this case. Today, the two dogs, now both named Nala, are enjoying their new lives. Nala the Husky’s favorite part of the day is greeting her mom when she comes home from work. She loves going to the dog park and playing with her mom’s 9-year-old granddaughter at their home in Peoria! When Nala the German Shepherd was rescued, she had such a severe case of Demodex (a non-contagious skin mite) that she was openly bleeding from her snout. Now, she is living her best life with her family in Tolleson! AHS' Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ rescue more than 4,300 abused, injured and abandoned animals and perform 7,700 cruelty investigations each year. We take abuse very seriously and so should you. If you notice any signs of animal cruelty taking place, please report it immediately!

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February 12, 2020