AHS Offers Flexible 3-Day Volunteer Program for Kids Ages 9-12 to Interact with Animals and Give Back to Homeless Pets

The Arizona Humane Society is offering a unique and fun way to brush off the holiday daze by giving back to homeless pets this winter break! AHS’ Winter Camp Compassion Crew is a flexible 3-day program where kids ages 9-12 can volunteer with animals and give back to homeless pets for one, two or all three days from December 28 through December 30 at AHS’ South Mountain Campus, located at 1521 W. Dobbins Road, Phoenix, AZ 85041.

Young animal lovers will give back to AHS’ homeless pets by creating innovative behavioral enrichment projects such as puzzle feeders, scent enrichment, and toy design. Campers will even get the chance to get hands-on with AHS’ animal teachers as they learn all about how their actions can impact animal lives. Each day offers a different adventure; day one will be critter focused, day two will focus on cats, and day three is spent helping AHS’ dog friends; choose one or all three!

Camp fees are just $50 per day! For more information or to sign-up for an AHS camp, visit azhumane.org/camps.

November 30, 2022