Last year, AHS’ Circle of Friends gifts funded an astonishing 21% of the 12,500 spay/neuter surgeries performed at the Arizona Humane Society and generously donated over $331,000 for spay/neuter programs at AHS.

During 2022, the Arizona Humane Society saw nearly 18,000 homeless pets come through our doors, including thousands of kittens and puppies. While we can all agree that puppies and kittens easily steal our hearts, unaltered pets are the primary reason for animal overpopulation in our community, which leads to animal suffering.

AHS’ Mutternity Suites at our Sunnyslope Campus cared for an impressive 490 new mamas and pups last year. Every day we field calls from across the state asking us to take homeless pregnant dogs, lactating mamas and pups, and motherless puppies, including Champagne and her Bubbles.

Champagne (pictured above) came through our doors last month as an injured stray. This sweet pittie mix was terribly thin, dehydrated, and her abdomen was abnormally distended. Our veterinarians quickly discovered she was expecting and transferred Champagne to our Mutternity Suites – our specialized isolation unit that provides a quiet, comfortable, and safe place for mothers and pups throughout the birth process.

On Christmas Eve, Champagne “popped” seven little Bubbles. Recently, Champagne and her Bubbles were welcomed into a loving foster home! Once ready, each pet will be spayed/neutered and put up for adoption for a second chance at life with a forever family.

So, why is it so important to spay or neuter your pet?

Spay and neuter surgeries help control our homeless pet crisis, but did you know there are actual health benefits to spay/neuter? It genuinely increases the lifespan of our animals.

  • Spaying female pets prevents uterine infections and decreases mammary tumors, which are malignant cancers in 50% of dogs and 90% of cats.
  • Neutering male pets prevents testicular cancer and some prostate problems.

This year, our Circle of Friends have great plans to best utilize donations. World Spay Day is February 28th, and AHS will be celebrating all month long. Throughout the entire month of February, our Circle of Friends will be underwriting all spay/neuter surgeries at our Sunnyslope Marge Wright Veterinary Clinic. We anticipate altering over 500 owned animals in February for just $20, thanks to our Circle of Friends for pet owners in select Phoenix area zip codes. Click on the link below for details and to learn more about our February $20 World Spay Day special!

The support of spay/neuter initiatives at the Arizona Humane Society is truly the most impactful way to keep homeless pets out of our hospitals and shelters, and we get by with a little help from our friends. For information about our Circle of Friends or supporting the Arizona Humane Society’s spay and neuter initiatives, visit our Circle of Friends page.

January 24, 2023